About Us

For the love of my mother, a daughter started this small scale company. Growing up I saw my mother growing vegetables, planting trees and joyfully harvesting the abundance of organic home grown food . At a very early stage in my life, I was already exposed to starting seeds, organic growing practices, grafted branches and learned when was the right time to collect seeds.

My mother work all her life as a Plant Pathologist and Researcher. During “Bring your kids to work” days, I will see the labs where they do their research, where they figure out what diseases was infecting farmer’s crop, via the samples that was provided. My mother will tell us stories of farm visits to observe infestations and also see how they control and manage it . There was a time I recall, she came home horrified to see how intensive some farmer’s use chemical control. And that was the motivation for her to grow her own, so that she is assured that her kids, does not get exposed to harmful chemicals.

My mother is now 83 years old, we are now bonding and sharing our love of growing organic crops following sustainable practices. We supplement what we have buy buying only organic seeds. We wistfully always want bigger space to grow even more. For now, I am thankful that my mother is still active in life, and thankful that she is able to pass on her knowledge and teach me. We hope to encourage people to start growing and we hope to be a part of that journey.